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"Our relationship with Rock and Tomato Graphics has been full of positives. She was hired to help with a logo design and a couple
of promo pieces. Without even thinking about it, Rock made a suggestion for a new seminar name which we loved: "Make the Connection." From there, the ball just kept rolling. She kept us on schedule and worked closely with the printers. Our committee was very pleased with the outcome of Rock's workmanship and greatly appreciated some of the stress that she was able to take off
our shoulders."

–Sue Church, Texas AgriLife Extension, Amarillo, Texas





There are many ways to go green with your marketing media. From layout design to paper and ink choices, you can go green, or at least greener, with your projects. Tomato Graphics, your eco-friendly project advisor, is here to help you go green in print:

  • I use paperless communication, when at all possible, for submitting requests or bids, reviewing proofs, and invoicing. File transmission methods aboundl, allowing you to work with us regardless of your location.
  • I'll look for low-impact papers, including post-consumer waste (PCW), processed chlorine free (PCF), uncoated, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, from renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power, or even treeless (TerraSkin, which is made from stone, or hemp, for example).
  • I'll design your products to be multifunctional for efficient use of paper and resources. How about using self-mailers without glue (which can prevent recycling), or using a postcard instead of a trifold to reduce paper use. By grouping projects, I can ensure efficient use of your special-order paper. Working with standard paper sizes will prevent trimming.
  • I'll work with "green printers" who use alternatives to toxic solvents, coatings, and inks. Soy ink is an alternative to traditional printing inks with its low volatile organic compounds (VOC). Waterless printing is a clean way to get efficient printing and rich, consistent color while conserving water and energy resources. Digital printing uses non-toxic toners, so is also a good method of printing "green".
  • I'll develop your designs using fewer, and/or safer colors. A two-color project conserves resources, and some colors, including certain reds and metallics, contain heavy metals.
  • I'll work with your local printers and suppliers when possible. Many means exist that make file transmission quick, allowing me to work with the vendor of your choice regardless of your location. The number of options for green printing is increasing, so the chances of finding a printer within a reasonable distance of you is increasing, as well. When it's not possible to work locally, there are trade-offs. Working with a printer using low-impact printing, or energy-conserving methods, can offset the impact of shipping methods.

Keep in mind that Tomato Graphics works with clients and printers at a distance every day. I'll work with you from concept to delivery, satisfying your desire to have not only beautiful printing, but also a beautiful planet.

So I'm not just Tomato Graphics, I'm also Green Tomato Graphics.

Let's discuss your graphic design needs. Your initial consultation is free.

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