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Rock was a pleasure to work with and was able to help us quickly take our project from conception to production. In addition to quality output, her insight brought value and her commitment to exceeding our expectations was consistent. Great job and highly recommended.
—Chris Ayers, President,
Yukon Group
, Inc.




How does this work?
Here's an entire page on the topic: Working with a Graphic Artist Read about the process in detail. Ask your questions.

What will it cost?
Depends on the project. It's crucial for both of us that you start your project by establishing a budget. If I believe I can stay within it, I'll proceed with a bid. If it looks as though costs will exceed your budget, you'll be informed of that, too, then given some creative options.

Costs are based on what's required to get your items to you. For more details on what goes into pricing your project, take a look at the Working with a Graphic Artist page.

What do I need to do or provide?
First, your voice and input are crucial to your project's success! Let the ideas fly! Tell me what you need your print media to do.

If you have body text, copy, or specifics such as price lists or descriptions, you'll provide that. Don't forget to proofread before sending! Although I do provide copywriting and proofreading services, final proofing and approval of the files is the client's responsibility.

Print graphics need to be at a high resolution in order to print clearly. Any images you want to have considered for inclusion need to follow these guidelines. Small files cannot be effectively enlarged. I'll review your files and advise accordingly.

Required items will be clearly defined for you.

Have you done this before?
I have over nine years of graphic design experience, and over 30 years in other design fields combined. See my portfolio pages for an overview of my graphic design work.

Got references?
Yep. Lots of them. See
a list of happy clients, then feel free to contact them directly. If you need additional info, contact me by saying hello at tomatographics {dot} com.

Do I get to see my design and layout before it goes to the printer?
Again, your voice and input are crucial to your project's success. You'll see at least one preliminary concept and layout, then will provide feedback, corrections, and revisions. This process is will be repeated as per the terms of service. You'll be required to approve any file before it's sent to the printer. The printer will provide a proof, as well.

How many concepts will I have to choose from?
This is established in your terms of service agreement, but generally I recommend three concepts, and at least three rounds of proofs and feedback to ensure you have enough time and options to get you exactly what you want.

Can I work with my local printer?
Probably. I regularly work with clients at a distance. Same goes for printers and other service bureaus. I'll coordinate with your printer to ensure they have what they need from me to do get your job on their press

What's the difference between print and web design?
A lot. Without getting into too much production-speak, print files require a different file resolution and color mode than do web files. Depending on the source files you have available, I'll let you know what we can do to get you into print.

What does this mean if you want both print media and web graphics? We'll start with your print graphics, then have them optimized for web use, working with your web designer as needed.

Can you use my web graphics for print media?
Not directly, but depending on the source files you have available, I'll let you know what can be done. (See previous question.)

I can use your web content and color palette, and can format documents so they coordinate, or compliment, your site.

Do you offer green design and print options?
I've got an entire page covering this topic, so head over to the green graphics page when you're ready. From paper choices to combining layouts to working with green printers, I'll try to get as green as you like.

Can I pay for services online?
Of course. Use the button below to submit your payment. Tomato Graphics accepts MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover, and PayPal. Enter the amount of your invoice in the Amount field, then submit your payment electronically.

Have other questions? Call or email me. I look forward to talking with you about your design needs.

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