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Don’t forget to play

28 Jun

Like most designers, I get caught up in getting the work out the door. In doing so, I rely on too many comfortable tricks and design approaches. Last night brought a fine, driving thunderstorm. Seemed a perfect time to head off into just-for-fun land. The result? A wild background for my Twitter page, and a commitment to carving out play time much more frequently. Here’s the riotous result: http://twitter.com/toptomato

So, what gets in the way of a regular dose of satisfying and inspiring fun? The minutiae of business. I love the web, and it allows me to work as I like, and helps my business to grow, but then there’s the flip side of it. Directories, blogs, articles, Twitter, my site, and on and on, all with their greedy little time-sucking hands reaching for a minute, or more likely and hour, here and there. Time to put play back on this list.

I’m well-represented by a plate spinner: I want to try about everything, and often at the same time.

The Platespinner

Back in WPland

24 May

I started this blog some months ago, but had technical problems with the platform. Sorry about that, as I really liked the theme design. So, after a bit of cut-and-paste, everything is here, now. What’s next? I have to get the hang of WP.

As a graphic designer for print, working on the web is somewhere between a challenge and a bore. I don’t really have an interest in it as a creative outlet, but find it a necessary evil. I’m trying to approach WP with a better attitude, and hope to create a blog that feels like me: not just words, but also splash and color.

Bear with me while I poke at this thing, ok? Now, why isn’t my Twitter feed showing up?