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Betsey Johnson continues to inspire me

16 Aug

Betsey Johnson continues to inspire me

Love the enduring individuality of Betsey! As a college student and budding artwear designer, she was among my favorite, and most inspiring, designers. I still have some of the Alley Cat pieces I scored at the time. Her work was always fun, brave and energetic, and even though I’ve all but retired my sewing machine and migrated to graphic design, I’m still inspired.

Girl just wants to have fun, and I hope I’m having this much fun at 68, and beyond. Brava!

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson


Voilá: The France of Julia Child

10 Aug

We live so removed from our food in the U.S. Enjoy these descriptions of how it was to live and cook in Paris in 1950. Pretend you are Julia. Love the kitchen racks. Have some butter. Via blogs.ngm.com

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Chicago L posters: 1920s

6 Jul

The Chicago Rapid Transit site has a beautiful collection of Chicago-L posters. The text treatments and colors drew me in. The range of styles kept me here. There’s something for every designer’s palette on this page. Styles range from Art Noveau to early Art Deco. An interesting era of great change and transition, the 20s are my favorite decade of the 20th c.

For more on the World Columbian Exposition than you’ll even need to know, go to the Encyclopedia of all things Chicago.

The Field Museum used a toucan for a promotion. Text looks like an artistic interpretation of the Hobo font, which was a star of the 20s.

The Evanston Lighthouse text is curious. Tough to kern hand-crafted text? Computer fonts will never be able to truly get this hand-crafted feel. Nor should they.

Rich and interesting colors here. The German Building (1893-1925) in Jackson Park was built for the World’s Columbian Exposition.

Comes with decorative cat

4 Jul

Cats are naturally decorative. Ours, Raster, is negro y negro con negro, as I once described him for my Spanish class. The only white on him is his nails. They look like little grains of rice.  A master of innate style, he looks good on everything, and with everything. He’s got a Web 2.0 tail: it’s rounded at the tip. He’s a shawl, a pillow, a solar collector. He’s the Pasha, the Buddha. And he’s hard to photograph: all the light is absorbed leaving him with no features or detail. It’s a bit dangerous to be a black cat at times. So far we’ve not squashed him in the night, but it’s been close.

Black cats are descended, or thrown, from Siamese cats, I hear. They are smart, mellow, and vocal. Raster is a big guy, to boot. He lives with two large Old English Sheepdogs, which is a totally different story. Ras rules. His rights are inviolable here, and he takes full advantage of it. Mostly he keeps his own counsel.

I’m not a fan of black: don’t wear it, and don’t use it in my home. The only black is my lifestyle is my cat. His contribution to design and cool is effortless. Whatta guy!

Elegant, Medieval, Russian

25 May

I’ve always been fascinated with this style of architecture. Between the age of these structures and the fact that they’re made of wood, how they’ve survived the harsh Russian climate is a puzzler. Decay at its finest.