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Print design shines!

24 Aug

Print design shines!

Thanks to The Paper Mill Store for featuring my work on their Graphic Design Showcase. They chose to spotlight the Design Planner I designed for Trilogy Pools.

Trilogy Design Planner by Tomato Graphics

Trilogy Design Planner by Tomato Graphics

Design Planner for Trilogy Poo

Leandro Castelao

16 Dec

Simple shapes and modern colors become elegantly simple illustrations from Argentine designer Leandro Castelao. Reminiscent of ’50s design in his use of shapes and colors at times.

Amazing Gig Posters

28 Sep

Nice collection of gig posters. Lots of pattern and minimal approaches, and whimsical color applications. Via wellmedicated.com

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Ephemera: more than a cool word.

11 Aug

What is Ephemera? A glance at this collage is a place to start defining it. Note that those of us in print design are well-represented here. If you have additional categories, you can add them to the list here, at the Ephemera Society of America.

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DinPatterns: Repeating backgrounds

29 Jun

Here’s a source for repeating background patterns. Good range of designs. Read the fine print, please, on usage and rights, then have at it.


Kicks my interest in designing patterns back into gear. If/when I get some worth sharing, they’ll appear here.