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Women Only: Folk Art by Women

22 Jul

Women Only: Folk Art by Women

Wish I were walking in the door of the American Folk Art museum today. The current exhibit, Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands, looks wonderful. When looking back at the naive, outsider art of untrained creative women I’m always pleased to see that needlework is considered Art. It seems to be marginalized now, set aside in the stepchild category of “craft” and looked down upon as a lesser means of expression. Beauty of color, design, and execution come in many forms.

Woman in Veil

Woman in Veil

Naive Art: John Woolley

29 Sep

Collection of work by the very talented and prolific 10 year old, John Woolley. I love the one with his comment: “Have you ever noticed the pattern on an Oreo before?” Appeals to my love of naive art. Having said that, I think his talent is native, more than it is naive. Posted via web from toptomato’s posterous. All rights reserved. Uploaded on Aug 30, 2009 via flickr.com


'' THE BARN '' by John Woolley / 10 years old by artistjohnwoolley

Artful and fun playhouse

10 Aug

Sweet playhouse idea. This cardboard cottage is to be assembled and decorated with stickers. Add some paint, glitter, and other doo-dahs to really personalize it. What fun! I think I want one. Will say that the cat demanded it, but we’ll all know that’s not exactly true.

Check it out at FOKaL.
(Apologies for the repost. The photo didn’t attach the first time.)

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