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Betsey Johnson continues to inspire me

16 Aug

Betsey Johnson continues to inspire me

Love the enduring individuality of Betsey! As a college student and budding artwear designer, she was among my favorite, and most inspiring, designers. I still have some of the Alley Cat pieces I scored at the time. Her work was always fun, brave and energetic, and even though I’ve all but retired my sewing machine and migrated to graphic design, I’m still inspired.

Girl just wants to have fun, and I hope I’m having this much fun at 68, and beyond. Brava!

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson


Art Inspired Outfits

20 Jul

Delightful interpretations of popular artists’ style and color palettes in stylish and fun outfits. As a former artwear designer, I’m loving this take on clothing design. No matter the era in which the work was created, the composition is contemporary. Delicious use of color!

Art Inspired Outfits III

From Sweet and Offbeat by Georgina.

Artful and fun playhouse

10 Aug

Sweet playhouse idea. This cardboard cottage is to be assembled and decorated with stickers. Add some paint, glitter, and other doo-dahs to really personalize it. What fun! I think I want one. Will say that the cat demanded it, but we’ll all know that’s not exactly true.

Check it out at FOKaL.
(Apologies for the repost. The photo didn’t attach the first time.)

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Don’t forget to play

28 Jun

Like most designers, I get caught up in getting the work out the door. In doing so, I rely on too many comfortable tricks and design approaches. Last night brought a fine, driving thunderstorm. Seemed a perfect time to head off into just-for-fun land. The result? A wild background for my Twitter page, and a commitment to carving out play time much more frequently. Here’s the riotous result: http://twitter.com/toptomato

So, what gets in the way of a regular dose of satisfying and inspiring fun? The minutiae of business. I love the web, and it allows me to work as I like, and helps my business to grow, but then there’s the flip side of it. Directories, blogs, articles, Twitter, my site, and on and on, all with their greedy little time-sucking hands reaching for a minute, or more likely and hour, here and there. Time to put play back on this list.

I’m well-represented by a plate spinner: I want to try about everything, and often at the same time.

The Platespinner