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I’m crazy for Crazy Egg

24 May

I’m crazy for CrazyEgg!

We all value the data that we get using services such as Google Analytics. Boring graphics, charts, and rows of numbers may be useful, but as a designer, what do they do for you visually? Not much.

There is one analytics service I’ve found that addresses this issue. CrazyEgg offers a free analytics service with an array of features to help you visualize the actions taken by visitors to your site, along with numbers, if you must. Using color hierarchies, lists, animated confetti, and my favorite, the heat map, you’ll get great data, and have fun with their colorful and creative ways of presenting it. The heat map show where visitors are actually clicking on your pages, which gives me ideas of where I should either place additional graphics, or add links to existing ones.

Their free service is limited to tracking four pages, but it gives a more than generous test drive. You choose the pages, and the number of page visits for it to track. Check in to see how your pages are doing, and have fun with the creative presentation of your data. Ahh. Isn’t that better?

Let me know how you like CrazyEgg.