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Women Only: Folk Art by Women

22 Jul

Women Only: Folk Art by Women

Wish I were walking in the door of the American Folk Art museum today. The current exhibit, Women Only: Folk Art by Female Hands, looks wonderful. When looking back at the naive, outsider art of untrained creative women I’m always pleased to see that needlework is considered Art. It seems to be marginalized now, set aside in the stepchild category of “craft” and looked down upon as a lesser means of expression. Beauty of color, design, and execution come in many forms.

Woman in Veil

Woman in Veil

Art Inspired Outfits

20 Jul

Delightful interpretations of popular artists’ style and color palettes in stylish and fun outfits. As a former artwear designer, I’m loving this take on clothing design. No matter the era in which the work was created, the composition is contemporary. Delicious use of color!

Art Inspired Outfits III

From Sweet and Offbeat by Georgina.

Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies

19 Dec

These sculptures were made by carving through layers of books. Love the illustrative effect, and use of the page edge color as a design element. Some have the feeling of M.C. Escher drawings. Artist: Brian Dettmer.

Photo of carved book.

Amazing Gig Posters

28 Sep

Nice collection of gig posters. Lots of pattern and minimal approaches, and whimsical color applications. Via wellmedicated.com

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Creative Fences

13 Jul

Somewhere between recycling and sculpture, fence construction has been a rich outlet for vernacular expression. This collection of images is from Protinuss.

Remember when you got the BIG box of colored pencils? Someone continues to be inspired by all those colors. Interesting how the names of the colors stick with us. I see Sarasota Orange!