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Muttfest 2010 Poster

12 Jul

In honor of the “Barko de Mayo” theme of the Amarillo SPCA’s 2010 fundraiser, Muttfest, I created El Barko. He was seen around town on the poster, and looked fine on the fiesta-colored tshirts, too. Most of my poster projects are for non-profit events.

Barko de Mayo poster

Amazing Gig Posters

28 Sep

Nice collection of gig posters. Lots of pattern and minimal approaches, and whimsical color applications. Via

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Chicago L posters: 1920s

6 Jul

The Chicago Rapid Transit site has a beautiful collection of Chicago-L posters. The text treatments and colors drew me in. The range of styles kept me here. There’s something for every designer’s palette on this page. Styles range from Art Noveau to early Art Deco. An interesting era of great change and transition, the 20s are my favorite decade of the 20th c.

For more on the World Columbian Exposition than you’ll even need to know, go to the Encyclopedia of all things Chicago.

The Field Museum used a toucan for a promotion. Text looks like an artistic interpretation of the Hobo font, which was a star of the 20s.

The Evanston Lighthouse text is curious. Tough to kern hand-crafted text? Computer fonts will never be able to truly get this hand-crafted feel. Nor should they.

Rich and interesting colors here. The German Building (1893-1925) in Jackson Park was built for the World’s Columbian Exposition.