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Brian Dettmer: Book Autopsies

19 Dec

These sculptures were made by carving through layers of books. Love the illustrative effect, and use of the page edge color as a design element. Some have the feeling of M.C. Escher drawings. Artist: Brian Dettmer.

Photo of carved book.

Doll Hospital Photos

16 Aug

Heads in glasses, piles of arms, cracked faces. There is little in life more creepy and bizarre and cool than piles of old doll parts. This series of photos taken in a doll hospital, Docteur Poupée, on the stock photo site, has it all. The site is peppered with whimsical and artistic photos from European and US locales. A great resource of off the beaten path images. Have fun exploring.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Renovating Wright’s Park Inn

9 Aug

Check out this website I found at

The Park Inn is in a block of Wright buildings on the town square of Mason City, Iowa. I’ve been watching this project for some years, ever since I stopped in Mason City to see the Park Inn block, and tour the Stockman House. There are very few photos of the building in better days, but they’re worth the trouble it takes to find them. On the opposite end of the block is a bank building built at the same time by Wright which is largely intact.

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Elegant, Medieval, Russian

25 May

I’ve always been fascinated with this style of architecture. Between the age of these structures and the fact that they’re made of wood, how they’ve survived the harsh Russian climate is a puzzler. Decay at its finest.