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Say what you REALLY mean

24 May

While looking at online RFP postings, this caught my eye:

Addictional website needed

Given that this is for a business offering counseling services, maybe it was an attempt at a play on words? I think not.

Out on a limn

24 May

Words have always fascinated me. When I was a kid I liked to say a word over and over until it no longer sounded like anything but a strange sound. Then there are words that I just think are beautiful and elegant. Limn is one of these.

limn (verb)

  • representing in drawing or painting, describing, or portraying in words
  • tracing a shape, especially with a pencil or brush
  • originally used in the 1400s in reference to illuminating manuscripts

So, I guess I’m limning the word limn here. Now I’m going to limn a layout for a trifold for a custom pool builder.