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Perpetual Calendar

2 Nov

Great idea for and execution of perpetual calendar. Reminds me to slow down and look at the everyday number and letter. I’m inspired!

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Beautiful Rugs by Guildcraft

10 Aug

Anyone interested in design and interiors should set aside some time to look at the Guildcraft Carpets site. Beautiful designs, ethical production practices. Colors? Rich and elegant. How does one choose?

These reference both the Arts & Crafts movement, and the Prairie Style developed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Artful and fun playhouse

10 Aug

Sweet playhouse idea. This cardboard cottage is to be assembled and decorated with stickers. Add some paint, glitter, and other doo-dahs to really personalize it. What fun! I think I want one. Will say that the cat demanded it, but we’ll all know that’s not exactly true.

Check it out at FOKaL.
(Apologies for the repost. The photo didn’t attach the first time.)

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Tiny plastic people: great big world

6 Jul

Scale is a challenging element to work with in design. Photographer Vincent Bousserez uses scale to put his tiny people in big world situations with charming results. The tension and intensity of their actions is enhanced with very close-up photography. We like watching these people deal with their worlds.

Work like this reminds me to readjust the lens I use to see the world, and revel in a willing suspension of belief.

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